From art after Auschwitz towards a sociology of disrespect of Buchenwald

  • Francesc Hernàndez i Dobón Universitat de València
  • Benno Herzog Universitat de València


The aesthetic works of the Frankfurt School receive little attention
by contemporary sociology. However, the article shows the relevance
of aesthetic theory for a critical understanding of the social world.
Therefore, we introduce the contradictions presented by critical theory
of society especially after Auschwitz and we ask ourselves about
how to conceive the inconceivable when the tools of Enlightenment
are intrinsically guilty. Finally, we propose a mosaic of aesthetic
sociology of disrespect as an option to overcome the paradoxes
of Auschwitz. This procedure is related to the artistic production
around the concentration camp of Buchenwald.


Com citar
Hernàndez i Dobón, F. and Herzog, B. (2017) “From art after Auschwitz towards a sociology of disrespect of Buchenwald”, Debats. Revista de cultura, poder i societat, 10. Available at: (Accessed: 18April2021).